Nautical stripes-inso

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July – inspo

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Photo source: TAHU, Vogue, Tumblr

Gone sailing- inspiration

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Source: Vogue, Pinterest, Tumblr

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Guys,

I hope you’ve had a fabulous time over the holidays and on New Years Eve.


2014 was an incredible year for me, definitely one to be remembered. It was a year of challenges, of risks, of growing. I made changes, I made mistakes, I made my best decisions to date. I moved across the country. I restarted my life.

At the end of each year I always try to think about the highs and lows of that past year and learn from them. There’s always something to be grateful for, or something to learn from ……even in the worst situation.

I’ve grown so much, I’ve learned tons; especially about myself and for that I’m grateful.

I have so many plans for this year, so many places I want to visit, but most importantly I want to be happy, surround myself with inspiring and POSITIVE people and I want to become a better person. … oh and actually do YOGA

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 4.37.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 4.39.44 PM

What are your resolutions?

PS. Special thank you to all the readers who take the time out of their  day to check my blog/Instagram. Many thanks, I appreciate you all.



New beginnings. Stand up for yourself. Know your worth. Be classy. Clear your mind. Let go. Feel your emotions. Be Strong. Be a positive role model. Work for what you want. You choose the way you want to be treated. Be ambitious. Be honest. Reach your goals. Live a healthy life. Do yoga. Relax your mind. Treat others with kindness. Be slow to anger. No regrets. Live life to the max. Love. Appreciate. Be grateful.

Nature Inspired

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