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Falling into Fall

Happy Weekend!!

Fall is officially here, aren’t you excited about getting your favorite sweaters, plaid shirts and light jackets out of the closet? I am!

One of my favorite things about the Fall fashion is the fact that you can layer. Below are some of the coolest outfits for the beginning of  Fall. How do you layer?

Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo Eva


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Click HERE  for details on where to get the items from the mood boards.

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Hello darlings,

I’m writing to you from beautiful and snowy Aspen, Colorado.

After a tight travel schedule (Poland-Moscow-NY-Aspen), I’m finally here for a few days to relax and do a little bit of snowboarding.
Last week I went to Europe to visit my family in Poland. I also visited one of the most beautiful cities not only in  Poland, but all of Europe—Wrocław. That city doesn’t get enough credit—it’s simply beautiful and colorful.
To stroll around the city, I wore a weather appropriate color of gray. It was raining and gloomy on the day that we were there.

Clothes; I’m recently obsessed with the color gray, which has so many hues to choose from, and looks good with any color.

I especially love the coat (thank you Sheinside!), which has a modern look to it—shorter sleeves and a moderately sized collar. It can be worn in many different ways; definitely a statement piece, and I was asked about it a few times.
P.S. How do you guys dress with your gray coats? Please share!
Xoxo Eva




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The last photo was taken in my hometown.

Leather elements.


We decided to write about a statement piece that every girl should have.

The leather jacket.

The beauty of this jacket is that it works with pretty much everything you have in your closet. It looks great with ripped jeans and complements skirts and dresses. You name it, the leather jacket works with it. It’s also an investment piece- you want to make sure you get the right fit and length, so you can enjoy it all throughout the year.

If you want to go for the super edgy look ( yes! more leather!), pair it with leather pants.

For us it’s not only about the leather jacket. There are so many different accessories, such as gloves, hats –even headphones; Eva likes to pair with faux leather gloves or leather pants.

XOXO Eva and Vicky

Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle

Gloves: Zara

Hat with zipper edge-Zaraimage

Leather/wool jacket on Eva -Kill city

BeBe leather jacket
Victoria’s secret lace top
Guitar Gibson SG








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Photo source: Vogue, Tumblr; the-streetstyle ,femme-belle, Erin wasson, Pinterest

Eva’s photos by J.Nutter( thanks for being amazing!), edited by Eva

Vicky’s photos by R. Logis, edited by Eva

No limitations.

Every day we make decisions as to what to wear, how to do our hair,and what bag matches what I want to wear.

Many times,those choices are based on our mood–some days happy,some days not so much

When you  feel like a girlie, girl  will choose a cute dress. When you feel edgy, maybe you  you  throw on a leather jacket accompanied by a pair of  biker boots.And that’s ok!

We all have many sides to our personalities.Why limit yourself?!

Xox Eva & Vicky


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Kelly Wearstler ring collection-click to shop

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