Long weekend beach– inspo

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Cozy Fall-inspo

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Gift guide/ For her


We are just around the corner from the holiday season, which means it’s time to go shopping. Wether you’re shopping for your mom, sister or girlfriend, these will for sure put a smile on their faces.

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Baby girl- inspo


Insta lately


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Recently I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been to all the places I once dreamt of going to. I thought it would take me a lifetime to do it – it took me about 10 years. I couldn’t believe that I actually did it ! What an achievement!

I almost feel like it’s time to start another travel ‘bucket list”and what better trip to start with than the trip I’m currently on. I’m in California recovering from yesterday’s hike through Yosemite NP.

This was my first time to Yosemite and even though I always wanted to go there, it wasn’t on my list of places I needed to see.

Boy, what a mistake that was!

Here are the pictures…

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London 🇬🇧


Few days ago we had a long layover in London (23 hours to be exact) we decided to take advantage of this time and explore this beautiful city.

Before we did that though we couldn’t pass on the afternoon tea at our hotel.

We stayed at the upscale St.Pancras hotel, which is a ornate Gothic Revival-style building. Highly recommend this hotel to anyone who is planning a trip to London.





After that we went out to explore London.

Within 5 hrs of walking through this beautiful city+ 1 ferry ride,  we were able to see all of the major landmarks.



Outfit by:  J.crew

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