Recently I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been to all the places I once dreamt of going to. I thought it would take me a lifetime to do it – it took me about 10 years. I couldn’t believe that I actually did it ! What an achievement!

I almost feel like it’s time to start another travel ‘bucket list”and what better trip to start with than the trip I’m currently on. I’m in California recovering from yesterday’s hike through Yosemite NP.

This was my first time to Yosemite and even though I always wanted to go there, it wasn’t on my list of places I needed to see.

Boy, what a mistake that was!

Here are the pictures…

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Sweater mood board

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Hello darlings,

I’m writing to you from beautiful and snowy Aspen, Colorado.

After a tight travel schedule (Poland-Moscow-NY-Aspen), I’m finally here for a few days to relax and do a little bit of snowboarding.
Last week I went to Europe to visit my family in Poland. I also visited one of the most beautiful cities not only in  Poland, but all of Europe—Wrocław. That city doesn’t get enough credit—it’s simply beautiful and colorful.
To stroll around the city, I wore a weather appropriate color of gray. It was raining and gloomy on the day that we were there.

Clothes; I’m recently obsessed with the color gray, which has so many hues to choose from, and looks good with any color.

I especially love the coat (thank you Sheinside!), which has a modern look to it—shorter sleeves and a moderately sized collar. It can be worn in many different ways; definitely a statement piece, and I was asked about it a few times.
P.S. How do you guys dress with your gray coats? Please share!
Xoxo Eva




image image


The last photo was taken in my hometown.

Earth tones and texture

Hey there,

Here’s another post about the design.

Growing up around interior design, I got interested at a young age –which led me to enroll at NYID in New York. I’m constantly drawn to beautiful spaces and unique textures. Interior design magazines have a special place in my bedroom, and I’m always visiting home decor stores. I was inspired to share with you some of the amazing spaces designed by great designers and architects.

Each of these rooms below is a reflection of what I love and what inspires me.

When you redesign your room, house or office, you can find inspirations in the most amazing places – -if you REALLY pay attention to detail.

The photographs below show you how you can think with innovation  when remodeling your space.

Mix textures and materials like cement floor, wood and metal – be original, and let the space reflect your character and personality, because the truth is that you relax and work better in a space that’s your “own” space.

Try NOT to go to the store and choose something just because it physically fits in that empty corner or just because it’s on sale. Make sure that whatever you get works with and within the space. Sometimes it’s better to wait for that perfect item, rather then get something just beacuse it’s on sale or because you think it will fit.

Hope this inspired you a little bit. Happy redesigning!

Xo Eva





Photo source; nyid, design, designseek, tumblr, insta.

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