Bonjour from South of France!-day 1


Being here is a dream come true!! Today is my 3rd day in Nice and I already feel like I’ve seen a lot.

Nice has so much to offer; you can enjoy the beautiful turquoise water, rocky beaches, coffee and macaroons or you can go to the little market to pick up some fresh fruit for a picnic at the park just like the Frenchies do.

We walked for nearly 25 miles within last 3 days. We explored the coastline of Nice as well as the little side streets with pretty little stores. We also ended up going to few museums, climbed to the top of the hill to see the coastline from up above and ate delicious crepes for breakfast! Yum!

Hope you enjoy these snaps for now. There’s so much more to come, stay tuned!



11 Responses to Bonjour from South of France!-day 1

  1. Very nice place! Enjoy!

  2. Neidotta says:

    I love South France and your pictures make me want to travel there again soon. 🙂

    • Oh thank you!! it’s gorgeous out here. Any recommendations?

      • Neidotta says:

        I spend earlier this year two weeks in Montpellier and the old city, amazing graffiti and people just charmed me.

        What I recommend is doing road trip around the South coast because all the cities and places are worth of seeing!

        I’m not going to write here everything I did but if you want to check out you can find my travel story from France here:

      • Fantastic, checking your story now. Merci!

      • Neidotta says:

        Do you have any recommendations to Nice because I have been thinking doing day trip there if I come to France this summer? 🙂

      • I will make another post about it. I have tons of pictures, but you have to go to the market ” le marche du Cours Saleya” they sell anything from soaps, fresh fruits, artwork etc. and it’s super close to all the restaurants.
        Chateau de Nice is pretty neat because it’s located on the top of the hill so you can see the coastline. Check out my instagram @stilllifestories to see what I’m talking about :))

      • Neidotta says:

        I will check out your instagram and I am waiting excitedly for that post! 🙂

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